5 Reasons Why You Need a Key Duplication Service

Losing keys or breaking them can cause so much inconvenience, especially when you do not have any spare one on hand. Also, it is not a practical move to have your entire padlock replaced with a new one when it is no longer helpful because you lost its key.

Even if you use bobby pins to improvise and open your lock, it might still not be the best solution. Using these pins could cause damage to the lock. But it is not as bad as you think, though.

A situation like this probably wonders you that having key duplicates is a good idea. You are right because a key duplication service is more beneficial than you already know. If that piques you, turn to Winston Locksmith for quality key duplication services. In addition, we made a list of five reasons you need to invest in key duplication services. Let us take a look!

1. Duplicates Can Save You Time and Money

Money and time are two essential things. Because of that, no one can afford to waste them trying to search for lost keys—which could take minutes or even hours. You could've spent that time on more productive activities, like clearing backlogs, doing the laundry, or even shopping for groceries.

Moreover, you are more likely not to hire a locksmith to open a locked-out door if spare keys are at arm's reach. Instead of spending money on repair or another key cutting service, make sure to duplicate your keys while you can. Aside from the fact that key duplication services are cheaper, it takes your worries away in the event your main key is lost since spare keys are easily accessible.

2. Extra Keys Prevent Any Potential Damage

In connection with the first reason, although it might be unpopular to use spare keys alternately with your primary key, it prevents them from being worn out. With a spare key, the possibility of chips, dents, and other types of damage becomes less. Hence, your keys will last longer than you expect.

While broken keys are the common cause of lockout, this will be prevented by having your keys duplicated. Nevertheless, it is just a matter of time before your keys wear like most things. Therefore, checking your keys for signs of damage is essential to ensure they are in good working condition.

3. Spare Keys Replace Broken or Stolen Key

Apart from the convenience of having duplicates, spare keys are helpful when you avail of any service from a locksmith. Whether you broke the key of your security safe or car, locksmiths would ask for your extra keys. But what do they do with it? Key experts like them would replace broken keys through cloning. It means they replace the broken key with a replica of it that works the same.

On the other hand, locksmiths can still work on the process of cloning without spare keys. In this condition, they might get your doorknob or decide to do home service instead. Others would replace your entire padlock. Still, all these services depend on the client's urgent needs and demands.

At Winston Locksmith, we assess our client's problem first to identify the root cause. In doing so, we can avoid catering to unnecessary services. And it is a win-win situation for the client and us. On our part, we save time and guarantee the best results. Meanwhile, our clients get value for their money.

4. Key Duplication Is Essential When You Share Car

Car sharing is a common practice in many households. You might not see this coming, but car sharing is a subtle yet crucial reason to get a car key duplication service. Instead of hiring a third-party driver, share a car with your spouse, children, or any family member and give them each of the car key duplicates. With a key on hand, they have access to your car any time of day.

5. A Spare Key Will Spare You from a Car Lockout

A car owner's nightmare is when they lock the car keys inside the car. No one knows when and how would this happen to you. But one thing is sure. It is no big deal if you have spare car keys at your fingertips. You do not need to break the glass when you have extra keys to get inside the car.

Open More Doors with Winston Locksmith

What is the best way to duplicate your keys other than a reliable key cutting service? Get high-quality key duplication services only at Winston Locksmith. We have our equipment lined up to serve you with excellent craftsmanship through advanced and innovative key duplication procedures. Together, we can open more doors! Get in touch with us to learn more.

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