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Certified Professional Safe

The Yale safe collection has been designed to be even stronger, more durable and easier to use. Even easy on the eyes.
Yale certified safes were awarded Silver in the "Sold Secure Accreditation" (Sold Secure, UK, 2009).

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Storing cash and valuables in a bank might not be your preferred choice. After all, not all things that may be valuable to us are valuable in the eyes of banks and other security institutions. Fortunately, you now have a better way to store your valuable items through security safes.  

Safes are the perfect solution to keeping items that you hold dear close to you. You also lessen the risk of getting them damaged from moving them around from one place to another. But perhaps one of the best things about having a security safe right at your own home is that you can personally keep an eye on them for better security. Where and how can you get one?   

With Winston Locksmiths, getting a security safe has never been more easy. Simply give us a call 07 54934844 to  let us know your needs and requirements. Our options are fully customisable. Getting our security safes services also means you get to enjoy the following: 

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Wide Range of Selection  

Winston Locksmiths offers the Yale safe collection which is now made stronger, more durable, and easier to use. The collection has a wide range of selection to offer – from small cash boxes to heavy-duty security safes. Every model in the collection comes with a sleek design composite, so it doesn’t feel like you are keeping a bulky mess in your home.  

Dual-Protection Features 

Having been awarded Silver in the “Sold Secure Accreditation,” Yale safes are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to home and office security. Plus, Yale security safes also boast dual protection features against burglary and fire. You no longer have to keep an eye open every night. Rest easy knowing that these safes have got your back. 

Perfect for Residential and Commercial Use 

Whether you need a security safe to store personal heirlooms at home or to store sensitive information in your office, feel free to do both! Another good thing about security safes is that they are incredibly versatile. Not only can it be used for personal purposes, but it is also great for commercial use (e.g., bank, high-risk sites, office, retail shops).  

Highest Security Standards 

Yale safes have gone through rigorous testing and calibration procedures to ensure that they are performing as intended. Several stress tests have been conducted, and under no circumstance did the safes ever showed signs of breaking nor unlocking). Your secrets and valuable items remain intact, and most importantly, safe. 

Purchasing a security safe is an investment. As such, you need to ensure that it is properly installed and maintained to further lengthen its lifespan. The good thing is that here at Winston Locksmiths, we cover everything from installation and maintenance to upgrades and repairs of security safes.  

Greg Winston completed his Safe apprenticeship with CHUBB AUSTRALIA and is Trade Qualified  and licenced to perform all types of Safe work. 

Get High Quality Security Safes from Winston Locksmiths Today 

You deserve safety and security wherever you go. But more importantly, you have to ensure safety right at your home and office. Achieve that and more with security safes.  

If you wish to know more about Winston Locksmiths and selection of security safes, feel free to reach out to us.